Pete DiPrimio, sports columnist and college beat writer for The News-Sentinel of Fort Wayne, Ind., takes his best shots on the world of Notre Dame football.

Monday, September 4

Don't Sell Your Tickets

If you’re a Notre Dame ticket holder looking to earn a little extra cash by selling your tickets, then you’d better look elsewhere. Irish officials are cracking down on people who try that stunt and if you think we’re kidding, well, we never kid.

OK, we do, but never about money.

Anyway, Notre Dame officials already have revoked 600 tickets and suspended the privileges of the owners of those tickets. In fact, if you believe Notre Dame’s sports information office, 400 of those tickets were revoked before being sent to the customer. And who were those customers? Try alumni who lost in the ticket lottery.

Officials also are cracking down on ticket holders who sell tickets to opposing team fans. So if you see people during, say, Saturday’s home opener against Penn State, wearing Nittany Lion attire, you’ll know somebody done something wrong.

Why all the fuss? Ticket demand is off the charts. It’s the greatest in school history, which makes you wonder why officials didn’t boost Notre Dame Stadium seating capacity beyond 100,000, instead of the 80,000-plus it’s had since 1997. But this isn’t the time for second guessing. Not when JoPa is coming and the nation will be watching and Charlie and the guys are pushing to put Saturday’s shaky offensive show behind them.

And now you know.


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