Pete DiPrimio, sports columnist and college beat writer for The News-Sentinel of Fort Wayne, Ind., takes his best shots on the world of Notre Dame football.

Friday, October 27

Feisty Or Not, Irish Need To Win

Sometimes Charlie Weis can get feisty. Hey, it’s the New Jersey upbringing in him. It’s the coaching mentality in him.

So, when he was asked about the lack of pressure Notre Dame put on the UCLA quarterback, things got a little testy.

For instance:

Reporter: “You talked about bringing more pressure and you were unhappy about the fact that sometimes the safeties or whoever didn't get to the quarterback…”

Weis: “I didn't say anything about the safeties.”

Reporter: “You said the blitzers didn't get to the quarterback…”

Weis: “It could be linebackers. You're putting words in my mouth.”

Reporter: “I know it was the safety.”

Weis: “Write your own story then. What are you asking me for?”

Reporter: “Here is the question: Other than that aspect of it, were you happy with the way it worked out?”

Weis: “I think the pressure disrupted their passing game. I think that when you have a relatively inexperienced quarterback, which they have, if you let him just stand there and throw, they're going to be like everyone else and they're going to completing some passes. So even when you're not getting there, it disrupts the timing of the passing game. The whole thing is, we're disrupting them, now let's get there. Let's finish it off and get there.”

Of course, the Irish got their enough for a dramatic 20-17 victory. Now comes Navy on Saturday and don’t expect drama. With Clemson losing, they have a chance to move up in the polls. Of course, they could blow it with a loss or a shaky victory. That won’t happen.


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