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Wednesday, October 11

Weis Looks Beyond Heisman Hype

If you check out the Heisman Trophy favorite lists, Notre Dame’s Brady Quinn is still in the running, although he’s fallen behind guys such as Ohio State quarterback Troy Smith and Northern Illinois running back Garrett Wolfe.

While Quinn’s numbers are similar to last year after six games, the fact the Irish offense is not nearly as productive has hurt him. So did the bad game he had against Michigan.

Do you think this keeps coach Charlie Weis up at night worrying?

Not even close.

“Let’s see where he gets drafted in the NFL Draft,” Weis said. “There have been a lot of Heisman Trophy winners who have been terrible NFL players. Let’s see where he gets drafted. If he gets drafted up there in the top one or two, makes $50 or $60 million, I don’t think I’ll be too upset.”

Quinn won’t have a chance to boost his numbers this week. Notre Dame has a bye and doesn’t play until it hosts UCLA on Oct. 21.

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