Pete DiPrimio, sports columnist and college beat writer for The News-Sentinel of Fort Wayne, Ind., takes his best shots on the world of Notre Dame football.

Saturday, November 18

Quinn Heisman Hopes Take a Hit

Bad news for all you Brady-Quinn-for-Heisman fans -- it almost certainly won't happen.

No, Quinn didn't do anything wrong during Notre Dame's easy win over Army. He threw for three touchdowns and more than 200 yards, and was 22-for-30. He did throw an interception for the first time in more than a month, but that was no big deal.

What was a big deal was Ohio State quarterback Troy Smith's performance in the Buckeyes' victory over Michigan. He threw for four touchdowns and more than 300 yards against what might be the nation's best defense. He came up big in the year's biggest game, just as he has so often all season.

And remember, Quinn struggled against Michigan with three interceptions.

At this point, Quinn's only hope is to have the game of all games next Saturday at USC while leading Notre Dame to victory. If that happens, he has a chance (although not a big one). You lead a team to an undefeated season and a spot in the national title game, as Smith has done, you've earned the glory.

But Irish fans can take consolation in this fact -- if Notre Dame beats USC , it might get a bowl rematch against Smith and Ohio State. You can bet that Quinn would rather have a national title than a Heisman. Of course, he'd probably rather have both, but you can't always get what you want. At least, that's what Mick Jagger tells us.


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