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Sunday, December 31

Weis Not Leaving

Charlie Weis wants to make this perfectly clear -– again. He is not interested in leaving Notre Dame for any reason, and certainly not for an NFL job.

He’s had to address the issue during Sugar Bowl preparations in the wake of New York newspaper speculation that Weis would be a leading candidate for the New York Giants job.

Of course, the job isn’t open. Tom Coughlin remains in charge, although he’s under enormous heat in the wake of a late-season slump that jeopardized the Giants’ playoff hopes. New York gave itself a playoff chance with Saturday night’s victory over the Washington Redskins that enabled it to finish 8-8, or probably three games below expectations.

Weis, meanwhile, is happy with coaching the Irish. He’s a Notre Dame grad who has restored his school to national relevance, even if this season was a disappointment. He has signed a contract extension that will keep him in South Bend for then next thousand years (give or take a few hundred). The contract includes an enormous buyout certain to discourage even the wealthiest of suitors. He has built a big, new, expensive home in the South Bend area, which he wouldn’t have done if he was looking to move on.

Still, figure this will be a yearly occurrence. Consider it the price of success. And, really, is that so bad?


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