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Monday, October 16

Charlie-Ty One More Time

Admit it. You love it when Charlie Weis goes against Tyrone Willingham. All that “Ty Bowl” drama gets your Irish-loving blood boiling.

Well, good news. We’ll get a second does of Charlie vs. Ty in 2008 when Notre Dame is set to play at Washington, where Willingham now coaches.

That’s part of the fun coming now that the Irish have announced their 2008 schedule.

It opens with a first-ever meeting with San Diego State. That game was the result of complex ramifications for the Aztecs moving one of their 2004 games so Notre Dame could move Brigham Young from an Oct. 30 game in 2004 to its Sept. 4 season opener. Irish coaches wanted a game before playing Michigan that season. It worked –- sort of. Notre Dame beat Michigan but lost to Brigham Young.

The home games are San Diego State, Michigan, Purdue, Stanford, Pittsburgh and Syracuse. The road games are Michigan State, North Carolina, Washington, Boston College, Navy and USC.

Anyway, 2008 is the last time the Irish will play six road games. After that they’ll have a 7-4-1 arrangement with seven home games, four road games and one at a neutral site.

So now you know.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This post assumes that Ty will still be coaching at Washington in 2008. Given that everywhere he has gone his teams have languished in mediocrity and been notoriously inconsistent, it's far from a sure thing that Ty will still be around.

October 20, 2006 11:56 AM

Blogger Pete DiPrimio said...

You're right about the uncertainty of the coaching position, but I think he'll be at Washington for a while.

October 21, 2006 2:53 PM


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