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Tuesday, October 31

Weis, Quinn And Being Appropriate

Okay, a couple of things as we consider Charlie Weis, the 60 Minutes profile and being nice.

First, I had to remove a previous post because of an inappropriate comment. Please, we can disagree, but be respectful. This is a family newspaper, even if this is an on-line forum, so use language that a child could handle.

Enough of the lecture. The Weis profile showed the coach in all his colorful splendor, which included bleeped out language and a touch of his confidence -- some might say arrogance. Weis was asked about his thoughts on the show during today's press conference.

Overall, he seemed to give it a thumb's up.

"I think that with every person there is good and bad," he said. "I'm far from perfect, as we all know, but I think that ?? I thought it was fairly realistic. Do I have some detriments or some flaws? Absolutely. But I think realistically it's tough to be in the coaching profession and simultaneously be a loving husband and father and be the molder of young men, where at the same time your job is to win football games. There are a lot of conflicting things going on at the same time, and it's just how each person in that role can establish within their own personality to try to get all those things done at the same time.

"I can tell you this, that some of the things that you might have said or heard, you know, on the football field, are not tolerated in the Weis house by Maura Weis. That's a fair answer."

Also on the 60 Minutes profile, quarterback Brady Quinn laughingly admitted that Weis could sometimes be a jerk.

"He's right," Weis said. "You know what they say about payback? Well, he's already been paid back. He's gotten the worse end of the deal."

And what was the payback?

"Ask him," Weis said. "He has his own press conference."

That happens on Wednesday. And then, perhaps, we'll know what Weis payback really means.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, you can't say anthing more than "Charlie is a class act!"

November 01, 2006 1:00 PM

Anonymous Brad (Chicago) said...

Clearly, Weis doen't suffer from lack of confidence. However, it seems the general persception of arrogance that many news people are trying hard to sell to the general public seem a bit erroneous.

Here is one example of many that he is also willing to admit to having "flaws."

What your seeing is confidence mixed with honesty. I know we've rarely seen the two together but it looks a lot like what you are calling arrogant. You may have to reach as far back as Winston Churchill to get both qualities in one individual. Ironically, he was considered arrogant by many people as well.

November 01, 2006 10:16 PM


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