Pete DiPrimio, sports columnist and college beat writer for The News-Sentinel of Fort Wayne, Ind., takes his best shots on the world of Notre Dame football.

Tuesday, November 21

The Practical Weis Approach

Here’s the deal with Notre Dame’s national title game prospects. It not only has to beat USC Saturday, it was to win in dominating fashion. That’s the same USC team that has won 54 of 57 games, the same USC team that hasn’t lost by more than 11 points since Pete Carroll took charge six years ago.

At least publicly, Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis isn’t talking about trying to generate enough offense for a blowout win. He spent today talking about being patient and controlling the ball, which is not conducive to a blowout victory unless the Trojans commit about six turnovers.

That ain't happening.

That doesn’t mean Weis is in concession mode. He pushes all available motivational buttons. He mentions Notre Dame’s four-game losing streak to USC and how good it would be for the seniors, “To walk out of here with one win over those guys.” He played every USC song known to man during Sunday night’s team meeting so the players would know what to expect when they entered the Los Angeles Coliseum. Before last Saturday’s Army game he had already seen every offensive and defensive play USC has run in the last three weeks.

Weis is prepared. His Irish will be prepared. That might be enough to produce a victory, but will it be enough to propel Notre Dame into the national title game? He sounds like he doesn’t think so.

“Really, you’d like to go out there and get this little losing streak (to USC) out of the way and put yourself in position to be in a strong BCS game, with a very, very long shot of playing for it all.

“It would only be after an extremely convincing win. The odds of that happening -- they haven’t lost by more than seven (in the last 57 games). You’d need a very convincing win to even get into the discussion.

“If that materialized, sign me up. But let’s be practical. That’s the way it is.”


Anonymous Greg said...

You didn't seem to mention that the loss they took to Michigan at home is going to be another consideration as well as Florida needing to lose for the Irish to have any shot at the BCS title game.

I for one think it's not going to happen.

Also, if Ohio St. loses, and loses in a close game, I can see everyone in Columbus screaming that the Buckeyes should at least have a share of the national championship or that they got robbed.

November 21, 2006 5:48 PM


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