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Wednesday, November 1

Weis Gets His Payback

If you seek enlightenment over the consequences of Brady Quinn's agreement on 60 Minutes that coach Charlie Weis can be a jerk sometimes, you'll be disappointed. Why? Because neither party will reveal exactly what the punishment was.

To recap, Weis was portrayed in a Sunday 60-Minutes piece during which he said some very family-unfriendly things (yes, they were bleeped out). Some of them were directed to assistant coach Brian Polian, who has gotten a lot of grief from the players this week (safety Tom Zbikowski made it a point to give Polian a hard time about it). At one point Quinn was asked if Weis could be a jerk and Quinn agreed, with a smile.

Weis said on Tuesday he had already paid Quinn back for that remark, but wouldn't reveal what it was. Quinn said today he had paid a price, but declined to reveal it.

"I can't go into what the payback was," Quinn said, "but there was payback and he's the head man, so he's in a position to do things. I don't know how many more times I'm going to be able to take some of those conseqences."

Quinn also implied the remark was taken out of context, an excuse that apparently didn't convince Weis.

"I was asked, can (Weis) be rough. At times Coach can be tough. He would be somebody you would not necessarily call your friend at that particular time. But you need that in order to win. It takes that sort of attitude. If you want to call it being a jerk, I'm sure everyone in that locker rom would say, 'Yeah, I want a coach who is going to be a jerk and who is going to win ever game.'"

That, apparently, is about as much enlightenment as we're going to get.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Weis could use a little humility.He is a jerk when he says "I don't care about anyone else, all I care about is Notre Dame." Well, if thousands of people felt the same way, not caring about anyone else, how much money could he then raise for Hannah And Friends." He should care about other people because other people have reached out to him for his Hannah Foundation. Insiders are now sayng that his act is wearing thin with the players and they no longer respect him because of his rudeness, bombacity, arrogance, selfishness and the fact that he is insipid.

November 03, 2006 1:31 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Weis' popularity is on the donwgrade, especially with the media. Have you noticed how the Irish either slip or stay positioned each week in the AP poll, even when they win. Why? Because, according to some reporters, Weis talks down to them, tries to control interviews with players, and displays arrogance toward media. So much for PR, Charlie.

November 03, 2006 1:49 AM

Anonymous Sam Besase said...

The voters in the polls should be voting for the best teams in numerical order, not on how friendly or unfriendly the coach is in the interview room. If they want a poll for that then let the reporters start that poll.

Weis is a molder of men, no time for babying them. He is honest and truthful. Players don't get any spots unless they work hard and deserve it.

Weis works hard at every aspect of the game. Do we want to go back to 30 point losses in half of the games? Not me. I want Charlie!

November 03, 2006 11:38 AM


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